🍂 The Glass Child Beanies 🍂


I've created three new super comfy beanies for us all in the warmest cosiest autumn colors!
Unisex and all will be sent together with a little goodie from moi ♡

Charcoal (grey/black): "I've seen yesterday and I survived" (lyrics from my song Tell The World)
Rust (cosy brownish); "aspiring beam of light"
Olive Green: "You're Doing Just Fine"

If the beanie is a gift, you can add a note with your order and I will write a little handwritten note addressed to the lucky one :)


Could I please have a tracking number?
If I would send out your order with a tracking number I would have to charge more for shipping than I would for the items, which I really don't want to do. I always keep the costs as low as I possibly can, I just want to share my creations.

If your order disappear on the way I will of course send a new one with some extra goodies to make up for the long wait, or I will give you full refund.

How long will my order take?
- Within the EU, between 7-15 business days.
- Outside of EU, 2-3 weeks.
- I always try to ship the order within 48h of you placing it.


  • Charcoal black (I've seen yesterday and I survived)
  • Rust "aspiring beam of light"
  • Olive Green "You're Doing Just Fine