ULTIMATE THE GLASS CHILD BUNDLE // New Album + T-Shirt + All 3 Books!


The ultimate journey bundle! You will get:
- Signed "Under Northern Skies" CD
- The official Under Northern Skies t-shirt
- All my 3 books
Everything signed and delivered with love ♡

To read more about my book, go here:

The t-shirt is a soft spun, cosy blue/grey unisex t-shirt with a starry motive to remind you that we're all under the same skies.

1. The Year I Disappeared
2. Om Mani Padme Hum
3. Dark Love
4. Interlude: i was never here
5. Save Me
6. Lonely In This Love
7. … but no one cares at all
8. What I Would Tell You Now
9. Same Skies
10. Dark Love (Stripped Version)
11. Lonely In This Love (Stripped Version)
12. What I Would Tell You Now (Acoustic)
13. Same Skies (Acoustic)


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